Trainso Finishing School with Job Guarantee

  • College education covers many subjects, but in most cases it does not make you job-ready. We will fill that gap.
  • We will coach and mentor you on everything you need for a successful career. We train on job-role oriented skills such as Full Stack Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Architect etc. We teach core engineering skills again such as data structures and algorithms, if applicable. We also train on communication, language and public speaking skills.
  • Do not need a relevant college degree; we will teach you everything needed to work on an IT job.
  • We provide 100% job guarantee with the option to choose your minimum guaranteed salary based on fee you pay.


Participant Criteria

  • Originally launched to help final year students and fresh graduates. However, this program can benefit anyone want to re-skill and start over.
  • The knowledge you already have will be an added benefit, but we assume you do not have any knowledge and teach you everything needed. We follow a Zero to Hero approach. 
  • You need a decent computer and a good internet connection.


100% Job Guarantee

  • If you complete the program successfully and has submitted all assignments on time and correct, we guarantee you 100% placement with a monthly salary based on your fee.
  • Duration of the program will be 6 months full-time or 1000 hours if done part time. 

Note: Most people should get a decent job in 2-3 months of the program itself and then complete course in part time.  

What will you learn?

You can choose one of the available job roles: Full Stack Engineer on Azure, DevOps Engineer on Azure or Cloud Architect on Azure. Apart from enrolling to one or more of of the matching Azure coaching plans, we will teach you everything else needed to be successful including communication and public speaking skills. You can explain the various job-role based coaching programs in our Azure Coaching and Mentoring page.


Decide your fee and salary

  • The original fee for the finishing school program that runs full time for 6 months is Rs. 41,999 + tax. However, you can decide to pay any amount between Rs. 29,999 to Rs. 41,999.
  • In the event that you are job-less after one month of successfully completing internship, we will pay you your course fee every month. Example: If your paid a total course fee of 40,000 + taxes for program, we will pay Rs. 40,000 every month for upto an year. In effect, you pay Rs. 40,000 for 6 months and gets back upto Rs. 4,80,000 for an year (Rs. 40,000 * 12 months).

Note: Salary calculation will based on the actual fee without GST component. 


Optionally, work alongside

  • Optionally, you can pay a small advance and work alongside internship in full time or part time capacity to compensate for the rest of the course fee. 
  • You will need to first decide a fee between Rs. 29,999 to Rs. 41,999 and then pay advance based on it. Rest you can compensate with work.
  • For people with jobs, the advance will be 15% of the course fee and people without jobs it will be just 5% of the course fee.
  • Earlier during the program, until you are ready for actual projects, you may be working on preparing course materials. 

Do you want to join our standard Azure internship program instead?

If you want to get relevant knowledge, certifications, mentoring and/or real world experience without additional job-ready skills (communication, public speaking, interview preparation etc.) and job guarantees, you may check our standard Azure Internship programs.  


How to get started

To enrol in the program, send a mail to with the subject as FINISHING SCHOOL ENROLMENT along with following details:

  1. Resume
  2. LinkedIn profile
  3. Current job status
  4. Minimum commitment of hours per week (minimum 10 hours).


Check FAQ section for more details.

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

I am outside India, can I participate?

What would be the required workspace for the program?

Whom should I contact for any clarification?

Will I be getting any experience certificate or any acknowledgement for my work?

How do we track status of work?

I do have a job, can I participate?

What if I already have some Azure cloud skills and want to work part time and earn a regular pay? 

Can the work time be split for two session? - Morning and evening?

We will be using Azure services / Visual studio - so will we be given any subscription access or licence?

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About Trainso

We help trainees with some of their biggest needs including the need for real world experience, need for better communication skills, get good IT jobs even without any relevant degrees, get live coaching and mentoring without paying a huge fee, earn even while you learn, get guaranteed jobs and even have a backup plan if you ever lose your current job. To meet some of these, we also started our own product development division and a consulting division that take challenging work as well as supply manpower. 

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