Trainso Azure Jobs

Earn. Learn. Get Experience 

Trainso Azure jobs are aimed at creating great products and consulting while helping people without a job. All profit we generate are currently shared among the participants.


With the Trainso Azure Jobs Program, you can:

  1. Earn for the work you do.
  2. Learn from live expert courses.
  3. Get an Experience & experience certificate.


Participant Criteria

Trainso Azure Jobs are for people with good Azure cloud skills in the areas we have open positions. Candidates should clear the interview process. If you are a beginner or an intermediate engineer, you may also check out the Trainso Azure Internship program.  Full-time and part-time career options are available. If working for some other company or business, the individual should be comfortable working on a daily basis for a minimum of 4 hours, and also make sure there is no conflict of interest between the other jobs or businesses and ours.


About the work

The work will do as part of the Trainso Azure Jobs program include Azure Consulting, Administering Azure infrastructure, developing applications on Azure, Building DevOps pipelines on Azure, Research, Development and Documentation involving various Azure use cases, and even helping us create course materials for the courses we conduct. The exact work will also depend on your skill sets. The payments are sent from Trainso as salary, and we will provide experience certificates corresponding to the work done.


How to get started

To get started with the Azure Jobs program, you need to send a mail to with the following details:

  1. Your current job status, resume and LinkedIn profile.
  2. Do you want to work full time or part time.
  3. Salary expectations.

For queries, read the FAQ section below and then contact us.

Do you want to learn Azure from experts through live classes and 121 mentoring?

Our coaching programs are conducted by Microsoft Certified Trainers, DevOps Experts and Architects. Our unique coaching model consist of live group coaching sessions to a small group of students, with group mentoring and regular 121 mentoring. Cloud opportunities have increased significantly, and all you need for a successful cloud career comes as a package here.


Our basic pay model

We are a startup aimed at developing great training products and helping people in need. Even though we have a good operating model, we have not gone for any external investor. We want all of you to be successful and also part of our success. We have a variable component that is 40% of the salary and will be paid from the profits we get. Out of this variable component, 15% is personal performance and 25% is company performance. So if the company is performing well, you have more chances of getting a higher pay, and we believe this will make you work smarter rather than only work harder.


Long term investment

Apart from the basic monthly pay model with variable pay that is based on monthly profits, we have also planned to reward everyone in the long term with a minimum 10% of your total earned amount. Earned amount does not mean only the paid-out amount. Even if you have earned XXX amount as per your CTC and performance, the actual pay out may be YYY if the profits for the month were not enough. However, when calculating the yearly bonus pay, the XXX amount will be taken into consideration. To get this pay, you will have to be associated with the program with a minimum contribution of 10 hours per month.

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

I am outside India, can I participate?

What will happen if I work for less than the required hours a month?

What would be the required workspace for the work?

Whom should I contact for any clarification?

Will I be getting any experience certificate or any acknowledgement for my work?

What about emergency leaves?

I do have a job, can I participate?

Can the work time be split for two sessions? In the morning and evening?

How do we report that we have started to work and done the work in a day?

How do we track the status of work?

We will be using Azure services / Visual studio, so will we be given any subscription access or licence?

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About Trainso

We help trainees with some of their biggest needs including the need for real world experience, the need for better communication skills, getting good IT jobs even without any relevant degrees, getting live coaching and mentoring without paying a huge fee, earning even while you learn, getting guaranteed jobs and even having a backup plan if you ever lose your current job. To meet some of these, we also started our own product development division and a consulting division that takes challenging work as well as supply manpower.

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