Trainso Azure Internship

  • Work on real world projects to get real world experience.
  • Helps to make the participants job-ready on the chosen track.
  • Learn from live coaching and mentoring from experts along with projects. 
  • Compensate for any course fees with internship work. 
  • 100% job guarantee with the Finishing school program.
  • Work for us until you get a job. Get an internship certificate for the internship and a work experience certificate for the work you do.


Participant Categories

  1. I want to do an internship along with a job relevant course.
  2. I am a student and want to do the internship along with a relevant course for a discounted fee.
  3. I am unemployed and want to do the internship along with a relevant course and compensate for the fee.
  4. I have already got relevant certification and knowledge, but want real world work experience.
  5. I have got knowledge in another area (Java, React etc.) and am ready to share that knowledge in exchange for Azure knowledge.


Intern Journey Stages

  1. An intern generally start as an unpaid intern (intern without pay). During this stage, intern does not displace regular employees, but works under close supervision of existing staff.
  2.  Once the intern is ready, they can request for internship with stipend pay (paid intern). After we review your case, we will provide you with an offer letter with the pay details.

Note: Even unpaid interns will still get paid for every work that will genetate revenue. 

Job-role oriented coaching & mentoring

  • Learn the concepts from Microsoft certified trainers before project (recommended).
  • Get mentored from industry experts with 121 sessions on how to shape your career.
  • Improve your professional skills participating in communication labs.


Intern Payments and compensation

  1. The pay for paid interns starts from Rs. 12,000.
  2. Upto Rs. 1000 will be provided as broadband reimbursement for all interns (paid and unpaid interns) on submission of receipts.
  3. The rate for compensation is set at the minimum intern pay of Rs. 12,000 per month for 168 hours (21 working days * 8). If you work for fewer hours, the pay will be prorated.
  4. Minimum required hours for compensation per month = (total required hours) / (duration in months). See FAQ section.


Onboarding course and assignments

We would like to do a basic test before we can enroll you into this program.

  1. You will be asked to go through an orientation course that teaches you about REST APIs and explain about the project. 
  2. Based on the course, you need to submit a few simple assignments within 30 days of enrolment. 
  3. Based on the quality of your assignments, we will enrol you into a relevant project role.

Note: There is a small fee for the orientation course, but if you cannot afford that, or want other modes of payment, you can mail

We have designed some cool online Internship completion certificates.

We have designed some cool online internship completion certificates. You can take a print-out of the certificate or share it in your social media profiles. Your certificate is hosted online for anyone to verify, which increases the value of your certificate.


How to get started

Send an email to with the subject as INTERNSHIP ENROLMENT with the details below:

  1. Updated Resume and LinkedIn profile URL.
  2. Participant category (Refer to Participant Categories section)
  3. Organization (current company, last company or college)
  4. The Job-role based course you want to follow (If applicable).
  5. Onboarding course enrolment and assignment submission dates.

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How to calculate minimum required hours

What will happen if I work for less than the required hours a month?

What would be the required workspace for the work?

Will I be getting any experience certificate or any acknowledgement for my work?

We will be using Azure services / Visual studio, so will we be given any subscription access or licence?

What if I already have some Azure cloud skills and want to work part time and earn a regular pay? 

I am outside India, can I participate?

Can the work time be split for two sessions? In the morning and evening?

How do we track the status of work?

What about emergency leaves?

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