Trainso Azure Internship to Learn, Earn & Experience

Trainso Azure Internship program aims to help job seekers with quality courses, relevant real world work experience and even an opportunity to earn while you learn.


With the Trainso Azure Internship, you can:

  1. LEARN free from live paid coaching and mentoring.
  2. Optionally, work alongside course and EARN a decent pay.
  3. Get relevant EXPERIENCE and even experience certificate.


Participant Criteria

Trainso Internship Program is aimed at making people job-ready with all the the skills they need. The program even gives you 100% job guarantee, and details are given later. You can also join the program by paying only 1% of the course fee as one-time registration fee or 10% of course fee as a refundable deposit for course duration. You can compensate for the rest of the course fee by working on relevant tasks. You can also work more to earn a stipend pay along with internship, and also get an experience certificate.  Based on your financial situation, we may even wave off  the need to compensate and will receive the whole stipend pay. 


100% Job Guarantee

If you join for the Azure Expert Bundle with full-time internship and complete the internship successfully, we guarantee you 100% placement with a minimum monthly salary equal to the fee you pay for the bundle. Duration of the internship will be 4 months if you are doing the internship without work and pay, and the duration will be 6 months if you are doing the internship with work and pay. People with job can participate in the internship program part-time and get job loss insurance if they ever lose their jobs while they are doing internship. They can extend the program for as long as they want by contributing a minimum number of hours per month. 


About the work

Optionally, you can work alongside internship to compensate for the course fee or to earn decently as a fixed pay and/or royalties. The work done by interns will be related to Azure cloud and based on their skill levels. Earlier during the internship, they will be working on preparing course materials. This will also help them increase understand of many core concepts improve their language skills. Once you are ready, you can start working on real cloud projects. If you are interested in teaching, we will guide you in teaching as well, will help you host courses and even market the courses for you. 

Choose a coaching that match your career goals and work for us until you find a job

Those who complete one of the job oriented the coaching programs successfully can work or train for us until you get a job to earn and gain experience. We will also help you start your own training programs or startups if that is what you want. Select a course or bundle with the maximum amount, as that will be the minimum salary you will get as part of job guarantee.


Pay and Duration of Internship

Interns can work and earn as follows:

  1.  Full-time internship without work for pay takes 4 months and need to spend 40 hours per week.
  2. Full-time internship with work and pay (fixed / advance+royalty) takes 6 months and need to spend 48 hours per week.

The pay ranges from Rs. 12,000 to 18,000 based on performance. Interns can request for pay hike if they feel they are doing good work. Pay and duration will be prorated for part time interns. 


Full-time or part-time regular jobs with internship

Relevant work will earn you a stipend pay ranging from Rs. 12,000 to 18,000 for full-time work and prorated if part time. You can also work on other job roles that may not need enough technical knowledge to start with, including onboarding students, sales, marketing, communications, testing etc. and earn from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 40,000 and prorated if part time. You can also work on two pay scales at the same time; the relevant work you do will be billed based on stipend pay scale and other work will be billed on regular pay scale. You can adjust what percentage you want to put in each role every month.


Do not settle for a fixed pay; become partner to earn advances and unlimited royalty

If you own a course and goes with the partner model, you will get up to receive up to 50% percentage of direct course sales as royalty based on your contribution. You will also receive a guaranteed minimum amount same as the stipend pay irrespective of the sales. There is nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. You get additional royalty for all the courses you own for lifetime, as as long as you participate in the promotional events for the course, work on revisions when requested and spend a minimum of 10 hours per week.

If you can afford, pay the fee so that we can help more people in need

The number of people we can help is limited; so if you can afford the fee, you can pay the fee. and do the course. If you opt for internship without work for pay, you can complete the internship faster than otherwise. For a higher minimum pay guarantee, you may also choose a course with a higher fee. You will anyway recover the whole fee in your first month of work with our Job guarantee program.


How to get started

To enrol in the internship program, send a mail to with your resume, LinkedIn profile, the option you selected from above (full fee / 1% one-time registration fee/ 10% refundable deposit), minimum commitment of hours per week (minimum 10 hours), course you want, answers for below test and with the subject as INTERNSHIP ENROLMENT.


Check FAQ section for more details.


Test for checking understanding

  1. If you enrol for a course with a total fee of Rs. 40,000 and you successfully complete internship, what would be your minimum guaranteed monthly pay after internship?
  2.  If you enrol for a course with fee as Rs. 8,000 and you work stipend pay is Rs. 12,000, what would be your first month stipend pay?
  3.  If you enrol for a course with fee as Rs. 8,000 and you work stipend pay is Rs. 12,000, what would be your first month stipend pay?
  4. For a course with fee as Rs. 10,000, what will be the refundable deposit or registration fee?
  5. Do I need to pay (1) refundable deposit or (2) registration fee, (3) both or (4) none?
  6. You paid 10% of course fee as refundable deposit for a 6 months course. How much deposit will you get back and after what duration if you work for minimum hours?
  7. You join the partner program with a royalty of 50% and a minimum guarantee of Rs. 12,000 per month. If total revenue from course sales for the month is Rs. 1,00,000, how much money will you be paid?
  8. You join the partner program with a royalty of 50% and a minimum guarantee of Rs. 12,000 per month. If total revenue from course sales for the month is Rs. 0, how much money will you be paid?

Note: When you send the answers, make sure you put question and answers (not just answers) as we may change questions frequently. Only one word (or single number or single URL) answers. You may make assumptions and add assumptions in the end. You may refer to the FAQ section for more details. If something is not mentioned in page, you can also contact for more details.

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

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What will happen if I join with the registration fee option  and fail to work for required hours a month?

What will happen if I work for less than required hours a month?

What would be the required workspace for the work?

How do we report that we have started to work and have done with the work in a day?

Whom should I contact for any clarification?

Will I be getting any experience certificate or any acknowledgement for my work?

I do have a job, can I participate?

What will happen if I join with the deposit option and I want to quit?

What will happen if I join with the registration fee option and want to quit?

What if I already have some Azure cloud skills and want to work part time and earn a regular pay? 

Can the work time be split for two session? - Morning and evening?

How do we track status of work?

We will be using Azure services / Visual studio - so will we be given any subscription access or licence?

What about emergency leaves?

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