Azure Fundamentals

(AZ-900) Coaching

  • No prerequisites except a computer and the internet.
  • Achieve goals faster with live coaching from experts. 
  • Quilata bundles include access to the portal with sample questions, lab notes and videos. 
  • Enroll for the Master bundle to get an Azure account for practice, a 121 mentoring session, an 8-hour project orientation course, possible entry into an internship, and a possible 50% discount to AZ-104/AZ-204/AZ-400.
  • The current batch timing is 4PM to 8 PM IST on weekends. 


How to register for the Workshop

Register for the next AZ-900 workshop following the steps below:

  1. Select one of the learning tier (given next): Basic, Standard or Master. 
  2. Collect coupons (given later) if you want a discount. Ignore coupons if you can afford the regular fee. 
  3. Proceed and pay at Quilata portal with or without using a discount coupon.
  4. Completely watch the Before Azure video (given at the top of the page) before attending the classes.
  5. Optionally watch the Career Talk session (given later), to learn how to be successful in your career.


Course Plans and Fees

Special Message! This month, there is a special 50% discount on all plans for the DAC members and also for people without a job. An additional 18% discount (i.e., we will pay the GST) if paying in INR through bank transfer / GPAY / PhonePay).


Below are the current learning plans:

  • Basic (Only Live classes):

    • Includes: AZ-900 Live classes only, without access to recordings on the Quilata portal.
    • Fee: Rs. 799 + GST (or $12.99)
  • Standard Bundle (With recordings and sample questions):

    • Basic plus

      • access to recordings, lab notes and practice questions.

    • Fee: Rs. 4999 + GST  (or $79)

  • Master Bundle (With a lot of extra benefits):
    • All the benefits of standard, plus:
      • Access to Azure account for practicing
      • Access to DAC for 30 days
      • Access to a  project orientation course (8-hour recorded course)
      • Entry to the live project / internship program (after completing the orientation course and assignments successfully). 
      • 121 mentoring session for career guidance (after course completion and sharing feedback)
    • Fee: 6999  + GST (or $111)


Note: Coupons for the DAC members will be present on the DAC course in BuddyTutorial. For no-job discount, and bank-transfer / GPAY options, please send an email to or WhatsApp on +91 74111 74113. 



Special Offers 


​Current special discounts are as follows:

  • 50% discount for DAC members and people without a job.
  • An additional 18% discount (i.e., we will pay the GST) if paying in INR through bank transfer / GPAY / PhonePay).


​Note: Coupons for the DAC members will be present on the DAC course in BuddyTutorialFor no-job discount, and bank-transfer / GPAY options, please send an email to or WhatsApp on +91 74111 74113. 

Join after trying!

Learn cloud basics with an amazing discount and get 100% fee back.

Learn the cloud basics for a 70% discount.

Get a 100% course fee back as a discount when joining the AZ-900 course.

Covers module 1 and up to 25% course syllabus for AZ-900.

Attend the Daily Azure Community quiz and win to get 1 year of free learning as part of DAC.

Just $2.1(Incl. GST)

Just Rs. 149 (Incl. GST)

For details on paying through GPay or PhonePay, WhatsApp on +91 74111 74113 or send an email to

Job-focussed coaching, mentoring & internship programs

You may join one of our job-roles focussed Azure DevOps Expert, Full Stack Engineering (With Java) and Azure Cloud Architect Expert coaching and mentoring programs to gain knowledge to work in a relevant job role and get career mentoring from working professionals. You can get experience and even compensate for the course fees with internship programs. 


How to be successful in a career & answers for some questions

As part of this career talk session, you will learn:

  • 7 things to have a safe and successful career
  • How to make education affordable for everyone
  • Become & Stay as Architects for Just $1 a Month
  • Some Motivational stories for your career journey
  • Answer all common Career Questions


Register at Quilata for all Bundles

  • You can register for the course at the Quilata portal if the pricing tier is listed below.
  • For a pricing tier not available on quilata portal, to pay through bank transfer, pay in USD, to compensate for the course fee, or for any other concerns, send an email to or WhatsApp us on +91 74111 74113.

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