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We provide quality training and will continue to help you until you reach your goal and beyond. The goal could be getting a job, becoming a trainer, becoming an entrepreneur, becoming an expert in your field, or just working more efficiently.  Unlike many technology companies, we provide a lot of value added initiatives apart from the technology classes to make you successful, including Communication Lab, Motivation Club, Business Classes, Tools for Trainers and Marketing Manager. If you already have a teachable skill, you can skip the training part. We will help you with everything you need to start your own e-learning business, including course materials, tools, hosting, help desks and even marketing.

Trainso.io - Premium school for professionals  

We will up skill you not just in the technical topics you choose, but also in the essential computer science topics and communication. Learning about cloud without understanding distributed computing won't land you in good jobs. Most professionals also struggle in communication and confidence. We will also teach you essential grammar skills and provide you a community platform to practice public speaking skills.

Trainso Kids - Communication and Creativity Labs for kids

While it is a trend to send kids to programming classes starting from age 6, we believe it is not the right time to get started with technology. We believe that kids should learn things that are more closer to their curriculum and that can increase their creativity. Few of the activities we do for Kids include language classes, authoring classes, and many games including language quizzes, general knowledge quizzes, science quizzes and even some fun games. 

Buddy Cult - A master mind group of success seekers

BuddyCult is a mastermind group of success seekers where you can discuss about the technology, tools and even courses. Problem with most of the existing social media websites is that they are filled with fake profiles, ads, spams and most importantly they are not focused. Unlike most other social media platforms, you can also host courses in the Training Social platform. You can also get subscriptions in bulk for tools that only allow you to buy with a minimal count.

BuddyTutorial - For the Students, By the Students

With Covid-19, many have lost jobs and many others live in the fear of losing jobs. Up-skilling is no more an optional thing. You need to learn new technologies and trends to stay relevant in the job market. BuddyTutorial is an initiative for job seekers started by our mentor Heartin Kanikathottu. Up-skilling before your job is gone is always ideal, but reality is not always ideal. And once you lose a job, you will also need to survive apart from up-skilling. Therefore, BuddyTutorial also provides temporary job opportunities for job seekers. All the revenue generated is completed used for helping job seekers. 

QuizAndTalk - Learn through quizzes and grow through talks

With Covid-19, many classes have become online. However, do you attend the online classes with the same attention and dedication as you would do with a regular class? Many won't. What about teachers? Can they be sure that the students are actively participating? Many can't. Quiz and Talk is a concept originally developed by Heartin Kanikathottu for his online Webinars during the Covid-19 lockdowns. We have extended it as a platform that teachers can use to conduct classes following the quiz and talk methodologies.

Join our community groups and get free or discounted tools for your trainings

We purchase a lot of licensed tools and review them. We buy licenses in bulk in most cases. Our community members can use the licenses we are not using without any additional cost this month. If you can provide your feedback about that tool (just Good, Ok or Bad) that would be great. We can thus help more people choose the right tools while getting access to all the tools for your paid or free trainigs.


We can be your voice and a lot more

We can help you in creating courses and even marketing videos. We will not leave you until you become successful and beyond. Just listen to this small video to learn about how we can be your voice. 


Get started with Azure Cloud

Anyone can learn about the cloud. Learn cloud for free from author and tech evangelist, Heartin Kanikathottu for free.


Cloudericks Channel

If you are new to cloud computing then there is no better place than the Cloudericks youtube channel. Get certified on Azure and AWS. It is also completely free. 


Become a Trainer in 30 Days!

This membership will teach you everything, step by step, and even setup and provide Zoom business plan free.


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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like our services and let us know within the first 30 days, we will let you go free with all the money you have paid us. We are looking for a long term relationship with our members. We want them to be part of our master mind groups. But if you do not feel it will be useful for you, just let us know within the first 30 days, and we will let you go free with all the money you have paid us.  

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