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  • We help trainees with live coaching and mentoring from experts with the option to compensate fees, real project experience, classes for communication skills,  guaranteed jobs even without any degrees, opportunity to earn while you learn, and backup plans for working professionals.
  • We help trainers with platforms for hosting their courses and recordings, tools for conducting classes (or events) with up to 1000 students per event, course materials, and even a support team, all at the fraction of the market price using, which can also be compensated for.
  • We meet these needs by, having our own training, product development, consulting, and resourcing divisions where we will conduct training, prepare course materials, build products, take up challenging client projects and even supply trained resources backed by in-house experts. 


Our Initiatives

Learn more about us from how we can help you overcome challenges together and become successful

  • Live Coaching & Mentoring

    Our job-oriented coaching and mentoring programs aim to help students get dream jobs with expert coaching, mentoring, and real-world projects. Read more.

  • Finishing School with Job guarantees for all 

    Get ready for the job. Never again worry whether you will get a job after a course or if you will be left alone if you ever lose your job.

    Read more

  • Internship to get experience & even earn

    Helps to make the participants job-ready in the chosen track through paid and unpaid internships, with and without courses.

    Read more.

  • Trainso for Trainers, Engineers & Partners

    Work for us as a trainer or engineer to earn salary and royalties. Read more. We also support trainer partners with everything they need to trainRead more.

  • Learning communities without ads or hate

    We provide inclusive communities where you can learn and share without worrying about ads, spams, propaganda and hate.

  • Learning Programs for Kids & Parents

    We conduct many training programs and language courses that can be attended by kids and parents together.

We do more than our three pillars of training, product development, and consulting...

Apart from the training, product development, and consulting, we help trainers with tools and even materials for training, manage learning communities with more than 60K people, conduct learning programs for kids and parents, resell popular cloud computing and training products, and more so that until you are ready to work in IT we can provide other jobs to get you going.


Buddy Tutorial - A Coaching Platform for Students & Trainers  

BuddyTutorial.com aims to provide quality coaching for students to make them job-ready. Students can learn on the go from the portal, mobile, or even an iPad. Trainers can use the platform to host courses for students across the globe without worrying about most international tax requirements such as VAT for EU, and also get tools they need to take training such as webinar tools. Unlike most course marketplaces, we do not allow duplicate courses. Our support team will help you review and manage courses so that you can focus on creating and delivering the courses without worrying about the boring and time-consuming work of managing the course activities. 


Quilata - Learn the Quilata way with Quizzes, Labs & Talks

Our unique method of learning with the help of quizzes, labs, and talks can make you an expert, get you certified, and more. There are lots of quizzes for you to check your understanding of any topic that you learn. Once you know where you stand, you can learn through self-paced labs focussing on areas you are weak. Finally, you can attend real instructor live sessions to get interview and exam tips and to ask any doubts you may have. Do not feel confident working on real-world projects yet? Do not worry, just repeat the cycle. Even in Software Development Lifecycle, an iterative and Agile approach is currently considered as a better alternative to the traditional waterfall approach. 


Buddy Cult - Learn with Buddies without Negativity

Most of the social media portals today are filled with negativity, propaganda, promotions, spams and even fake people. There is a saying, "If You're Not Paying For It, You Become The Product". We are being used by many with vested interests. We manage communities with more than 50K engineers and students across platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and few others, and realized that you can learn a lot more, get real help from real people and become a lot more productive if you stay away from all these negativities. That is why we decided to build a community platform for real people who want to learn together and become successful. 


Kidosso - A Unique Learning Platform for Kids & Parents 

At Kidosso.com, we aim to develop awesome kids who can read, author, speak and listen. This is a platform for kids and parents to learn and practice the essential communication skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. These activities, when combined together, can expand vocabulary, improve fluency and comprehension, increases knowledge, improve imagination, improves public speaking skills, and make you more self-confident. And you heard it right that parents can also learn alongside kids to relive their childhood and even improve the bond within families, between spouses, between siblings, and also between parents and kids.

Why different products for different initiatives?

Different initiatives are for different sets of people and for different causes. For example, an initiative may be for training job-seekers and any profit from that may go to support job seekers in need. We thought it is better to call them with a different initiative name. Most of these are also hosted using different tools. Once we complete the development of our own learning platform, we may combine a  few or all of these different website products. 


Become Job-Ready with Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring by experts will help you achieve your goals much faster than self-learning through videos and other materials. Our coaches and mentors include experienced professionals, published authors, and Microsoft Certified Trainers.


All our coaching programs come with affordable fees. Those who cannot afford the fee, can work as interns to earn your fees and more, and get experience at the same time. The best thing is that you do not have to be an IT professional to learn cloud, as long as you have decent computer and computer skills, and good internet.


Earn, Learn and Get Experience with Trainso Internship

Trainso Azure Internship program aims to help job seekers with quality courses, relevant real-world work experience, and even an opportunity to earn while you learn.


With the Trainso Azure Internship, you can: Learn from live paid coaching and mentoring programs free. Earn a decent stipend pay for the internship work you do. Get Experience and certificates.


Earn, Learn and Get Experience by Working for Us

Trainso Azure jobs are aimed at creating great products and consulting while helping people without a job. All profits we generate are currently shared among the participants.


With Trainso Azure Jobs Program, you can: Earn decently for the work you do. Learn from live expert coaching and mentoring programs free. Get Experience and even experience certificates.


Get all tools to teach


We purchase a lot of licensed tools and review them. We buy licenses in bulk in most cases. Our community members can use the licenses we are not using without any additional cost this month. If you can provide your feedback about that tool (just Good, Ok, or Bad) that would be great. We can thus help more people choose the right tools while getting access to all the tools for your paid or free trainings.


We can be your voice and a lot more

We can help you in creating courses and even marketing videos. We will not leave you until you become successful and beyond. Just listen to this small video to learn about how we can be your voice. 

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We teach professionals and help trainers to teach efficiently with training, real-time support, training materials, research on tools and processes, and custom-developed software. We can also help you in marketing your courses and even host your courses.

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