Become a job-ready cloud expert in 4 months with a guarantee

The 4-month cloud expert program (4MCEA) is a rigorous training program designed for job seekers to become cloud experts in 4 months. If you follow every activity as per the program guidelines you can become a job-ready cloud expert who can work like an expert, clear interviews, and even start your own training programs.

If doing this program full-time with an internship you get a money-back job guarantee from Trainso Training Solutions, a Microsoft CSP partner. Trainso Training Solutions will let you in as an unpaid intern for a month after the training and then as a paid intern from the second month until all the fee you paid is paid back or until you get a job, whatever comes first. 

Even though this program is designed for job seekers without a job, people with a job can also participate and become experts if they actively participate in the program. You can complete all the live courses within 4 months. However, it may take up to 6 months for you to become the expert we want you to be and it depends also on the time you spend.

Activity 1: Reverse knowledge sharing for checking knowledge and improving communication

Standard courses only teach you. They do not hear you. We will hear you and provide feedback. Therefore we have included some minimum learning hours per week. In case, you fail to do it, you need to complete it as early as possible to achieve the expert guarantee.

Everyone agrees to the fact that an expert without good public speaking and communication skills will find it difficult to get opportunities at work and even in other areas when compared with people with better public speaking and communication skills. 

People participating in this initiative should hence not only learn but also share the knowledge they have learned. To become an expert you need to take at least 2 sessions every week, and approximately 34 sessions during the whole course.  

Activity 2: Continuous learning to help you become and stay as an expert

Napoleon Hill, in the book, Think and Grow Rich, says that The person who stops studying merely because he has finished school is forever hopelessly doomed to mediocrity, no matter what may be the calling. The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.

Attending sessions alone will not make you an expert. You need to develop a habit of doing research and learning daily. You should be able to spend at least 1-hour self-study and share updates in the group. Therefore the total required self-research and learning time is 120. 

If you are not completing enough self-study hours per day, you can carry forward and try to finish them as early as possible. However, spending some time every day, even 5 minutes, is mandatory and the status needs to be shared in the group. 

Activity 3: Projects, quizzes, and mock interviews to check and improve understanding of concepts 


When you attend a session, you may feel that you have understood everything. However, there may still be many concepts that are not fully understood until someone test that knowledge and confirm, or you use that in a real-world project.

Our live quizzes are not just normal quizzes; they are actually quizzes with explanations and also a second opportunity to ask doubts. That is why we call such quiz sessions as Quiz And Talk sessions. If you fail to participate in quizzes, you need to participate in the next available slot.

Participating in live group projects is also equally important. These projects not only help you check and improve your understanding of concepts but also check and improve team skills. If you fail to participate in an activity, should participate in the next available opportunity.

An important note

All above activities are separate from any class hours (including video courses) and compensation hours. If you fail to complete them, you can continue to complete them even after completing the course duration as long as at least 5-minute continuous learning is not broken. 

Frequently asked questions

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