Become a job-ready cloud expert in 4 months free by compensating hours instead of paying fees 

The 4-month cloud expert program (4MCEA) is a rigorous training program designed for job seekers to become job-ready cloud engineers in 4 months. You can now join the 4MCEA program by compensating for full or part of the fee. While you may have to work on less technical work during the first two months, you can get more technical work for the last two months.

Communities will grow only if people give back to the community. You can give back in terms of time, money, or a combination of both. The compensation activities could include teaching, moderating group content, preparing content, helping reach more people, increasing subscriptions, and even verifying user details, etc. 

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Part pay with compensation & security deposit

You can compensate for 100% of the fee or a percentage of the fee such as 75%, 50%, or 25%. Those who want to attend the 4MCEA with 100% compensation will need to compensate for 1 hour per day (120 hours for 4 months). It will be reduced accordingly for part-pay. 

People with jobs taking 100% compensation option will have to pay a security deposit of 5% of the course fee. People without jobs won't have to pay a deposit. The deposit will be returned at the end of the course after reducing any fines due to defaulting compensation.

Tasks for compensation

The activities could include teaching, moderating group content, preparing content, copying questions from given sources, helping us reach more people, and even verifying user details. A default task is to check the AzureCloud group in Facebook, try to answer any unanswered questions, and if can't answer then update about such questions in WhatsApp groups. 

Until all required compensation, hours are completed, compensating people will have to specify their daily work hour preferences and join a zoom meeting during that time. Zoom will take care of attendance. After the default task, you can ask for the task in the group. If no task is assigned, you can use the time to learn something related to the course and take sessions based on that later.

Participate in the knowledge exchange program to compensate lesser hours than regular compensation tasks 

If teaching or working with knowledge sharing activities, then you need to do only half of the required hours, as 1 teaching hour is considered 2 regular work hours. After completing 30 hours of training, each training hour will be considered as 4 compensation hours.  

Can I get all the benefits of paid students from day 1? 

To prevent misuse of the program, you need to compensate 30 hours to get portal access for that month. The program was originally designed for people without jobs and they can finish their required hours for a month in just 3-4 days and focus on only learning for the rest of the month.

If you can afford it, we recommend you pay the first month's fee as EMI and then compensate from the second month. This way you can get all benefits from day 1. You may also pay part of the fee and compensate rest. You can also refer people to get a referral bonus that can be considered as part/full payment to avoid restrictions.

First Task

Watch the cloud computing 101 sessions on the Trainso Youtube channel and comment following: What terms/concepts you learned new, what terms/concepts you already knew, any topics to add to make it more useful for people new to the cloud, and any feedback. Once done, send your WhatsApp number, the screenshot of the comment, and your youtube channel link (click on username after commenting) to [email protected] with the subject '4MCEA Compensation Get Started Task'. Optionally, you may subscribe to the channel

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What if I do not compensate for the required hours regularly?

If you do not contribute enough hours a week and/or update status daily, you need to pay the corresponding fee for those days/hours (Rs. 200 per day/hour) along with a processing charge of Rs. 149.


  • You can also give part of the fee (75%, 50%, 25%) one-time or monthly and reduce compensation hours accordingly.
  • You can also refer others to learn for free and even earn cash.

Learn Free and Earn Extra Cash with the 4MCEA Referral Program

You can refer others to the 4MCEA program and become our learning partners.

For every referral, you will get a cashback of 25% of their first payment. So if you let 4 people join, you can learn free without any compensation.

After getting back all fees or joining for free, you can get 20% cash as a referral bonus for all future referrals.

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