Become a job-ready cloud expert in 4 months with 4MCEA 

There is no shortage of online learning materials in the form of blogs, free youtube videos, or low-cost video tutorials. But the challenge is to find the right one out there without wasting time, having someone real to ask all your doubts, a community to study together, and above all a mentor to guide you in every step until you reach your goal.

Trainso 4MCEA program aims to help you with all of the previous including 121 mentorship to achieve your goal. Your goal could be making a job change with an expected minimum salary, getting a job in IT with non-IT background, or simply learning technology and getting the real-world support needed to be a better employee at work.

The next batch starts in July 2022 but you can start immediately and start slowly. You can also get early bird discounts and even bring your friends to get bonuses and discounts.

What you will learn?

The following Azure certification topics are included as complete courses: AZ-900, AZ-104, and AZ-400/AZ-305. We will also learn important topics from other popular Azure certifications from real engineers as part of the community learning initiative.

Apart from the certification topics, we will also learn/do other important things needed for a successful IT career, such as live projects, programming, data structures and algorithms, systems design concepts, Terraform for Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and more. 

We will also learn how to attend interviews, how to create a good resume, how to maintain a good LinkedIn profile, an active GitHub account, and blog, and how to improve your public speaking skills. All these can increase your chances of getting your dream job faster.

How is it different from standard courses?

Standard courses only teach you technology through live classes or offline videos. They do not listen to you. We will mentor you with 121 sessions with regular feedback.

We will guide you in every step in your journey towards becoming a job-ready cloud engineer through a combination of live classes and offline videos, with the opportunity to ask doubts about the live class as well as the offline videos to real engineers. You will also do presentations based on the topics you learn to help in improving your public speaking skills that can help in interviews and even at work. 

If interested, we will also teach you to become a teacher, content creator, or entrepreneur, and be your own boss. You can also become a Trainso shareholder. We follow the proverb Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.

What are the guarantees?

If you are not happy with the course, you can ask for discontinuing the course anytime over email and the prorated fee for the rest of the 4 months course duration will be paid back to you within a maximum of 6 months from your original payment date. 

We have partnered with a third-party placement company to provide you with better job opportunities for both freshers and experienced. For freshers doing this program full-time with an internship, we give a 100% job guarantee as explained on the internship page.

For those who take weekend classes with 1-hour weekday community sessions, and do weekly student presentations, we will pay back your fee (excluding any taxes) if you do not achieve the mutually-agreed-upon goal for you within the agreed-upon time. 

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Want to watch some of our classes? 

You can watch some of the previous classes on our YouTube channel. If you follow the playlists there is enough content to start learning even without joining any course. But if you want personal mentoring, a community to learn with and a more focused approach join 4MCEA.

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The timings for live classes

The following is the current schedule:

  • Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) Hybrid - Weekends - 4 PM IST (Completion guarantee: 1st month) 
  • Azure Administrator (AZ-104) Hybrid - Weekends - 8 PM IST (Completion guarantee: 4 months)
  • Azure DevOps (AZ-400) LIVE - Weekends - 8 AM IST (Completion guarantee: 4 months)
  • Azure Architect (AZ-305) LIVE - Weekends - 8 PM IST (Completion guarantee: 4 months)
  • Community classes: Weekdays at 8.30 PM IST. Topics from other certs such as AZ-204 and DP-203 will be taken during this slot.

Note: Hybrid classes will contain live sessions as well as video recordings to watch with weekly slots to ask doubts to real instructors. 

Learn without fee by giving back to the community (Compensation)

Communities will grow only if people give back. You can give back in terms of expertise (knowledge sharing), time (community work), or money (fee). With the 4MCEA compensation program, you can share expertise by taking sessions or doing community work. 

The community service activities could include moderating community group contents, preparing course/quiz content, reaching out to potential interns or community members over call, verifying community member details, etc, or anything communicated later.

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How to learn free and even earn along with 4MCEA

Once you start learning through 4MCEA, we are sure you will love it. We are also sure you will talk about the program to your friends. So why not officially spread the word and get a referral bonus? 

For every referral, you will get a cashback of 25% of their first payment. So if you let 4 people join with the full fee, you can learn free without the need for any compensation. 

Another way to learn free, get experience & get paid

People without other jobs can learn for free along with an internship with a stipend up to Rs. 16000 per month and a job guarantee with our special Internship program.

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