Trainso Training Solutions

Trainso is software development, consulting, and training company. We focus on developing and reselling tools that can help corporates and individuals to deliver good training programs. We also do consultation for solutions and training involving the latest technology trends such as cloud and data analytics. 

We help both students and trainers to reach their goals faster. For students, we provide live coaching, 1-1  and group mentoring sessions with experts, live project experience and internships, and even job guarantees. For trainers, we provide tools, support, training, and even course materials to conduct online training. 

Trainso is also a Microsoft CSP Partner offering Volume Licensing, Office 365, Azure Cloud, Cloud Solutions, Office 2019, Dynamics 365, Skype for business, Microsoft Server, One Drive for business, and all other Microsoft Products. We also help clients in the installation and deployment of various Microsoft products & Services. 


We provide live coaching with mentoring. We also provide self-paced learning courses.


We provide tools that will help trainers conduct good trainings worry free.


We do real cloud projects for clients as well as develop software on our own.

We design and develop software and solutions to help trainers and trainees 

We develop custom software and solutions to help trainers deliver good training programs. This will not only allow trainers to get good software at a very reasonable cost but also allow our students and interns to get the opportunity to work on real-world projects and not just capstone projects that most institutions provide. 

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We can help you with both the licensing and training of Microsoft Products 

When you buy any Microsoft products through us, including Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, etc. we will also help you with their deployments and usages. Our consultants can train you on how to use these services. This also provides an opportunity for our interns to watch and learn how deployments are done in the real world.

Microsoft Store (Coming Soon!)

Become a job-ready cloud expert in just 4 months with the 4MCEA program

While many industries got affected badly due to the pandemic, cloud computing is one domain that got benefited. There are a lot of new opportunities and many have already started upskilling. With the new 4-Month Cloud Expert for Azure (4MCEA) program, anyone can now become a cloud expert with job guarantees. 

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